Day Twenty Six – Tree Shapes

I took my dog on one of my favourite routes this morning, and in doing so passed this tree.  It has such an interesting shape and the sky was perfectly blue so early in the morning, so all it took was one quick snap with my iPhone and I had this intriguing picture for the day.  The branches get so small and intricate I think it’s really beautiful.

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Day Twenty Five – Ticket Following

These are the tickets I ordered for friends and family members that want to see my panto.  The member in charge of tickets was quite impressed by my following!  I didn’t realise each night had a different colour, and even though I only had four nights’ worth, I liked how they looked together.  I can’t wait for the performances, this is my first panto and it’s going to be so much fun!

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Day Twenty Four – Day Off

So, late last night I get a text informing me I didn’t have to work today.  A pleasant, unexpected surprise, I had the house to myself to work at home (I have many jobs!) and at lunch, since the day had turned out so nice, I treated myself to a white bread sandwich and gingerbread men.  I know, my life is one big roller coaster ride after another.

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Day Twenty Three – Musical Colour

Like many people, I listen to music while I work.  I find it easier to listen to calm, melodic music when working, and one of my favourite albums for this is James Rhodes’ ‘Bullets and Lullabies”.  I know not many people like classical music, but as a pianist, I find his work so amazing and inspirational.  It’s pure beauty and, like his album artwork, the music ignites colour that’s hard for my imagination to ignore.

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Day Twenty Two – Harley Davidson

For my birthday last year, my friend bought me this bear, complete with costume, and I think he’s so adorable.  She named him Harley Davidson(!), so with a name like that, and looking so cool, I thought he deserved the dramatic tone of black and white.  He does look pretty awesome.

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Day Twenty One – Afternoon Movies

My friend stayed over today and during the afternoon we decided we couldn’t be bothered to do anything more than watch movies.  She hadn’t seen either of these films and once we’d seen Star Trek, we were so comfy we put the new Italian Job on too.

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Day Twenty – Tags To Oz

In April I’m going to Australia with a friend for six weeks.  It will be the furthest (obviously) and longest time I’ve ever been away from home for so far.  My mum bought my friend and I these luggage tags today and I think they’re so sweet.  Mine’s the pink one and I love it!

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